Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pictures of Summer 2008

Where has the summer gone?

I'm back. I figured it was probably about time to update our blog. This summer has gone so fast, but we have enjoyed every minute of it!!! The kids have gone to the zoo a couple of times, the monkeys are always putting on a show for us. We also got to take Paige & Kody to Lagoon, where they jumped from ride to ride with absolutely no fear. It was really fun to watch the excitement in their eyes each time they got on a ride. We have also been to Yellowstone & Island Park couple of times. You would think that maybe the kids would get sick of going through Yellowstone, but every time we go they are more excited to go. The only problem now is that Paige thinks that every time we go we have to come home with either a new stuff animal, a t-shirt, or something of that nature. We try to explore different areas of the park, we have even gone hiking a little bit (it is kind of hard with Dani, but she is wanting to be right there too). Dustin is still busy working, in fact this last month has been really hard for him. I think all the long hours are getting to him (about 80hrs/wk). But it pays the bills for now. I'm growing in Mary Kay and loving every minute of it. We (Dustin & I) are shooting to have a Mary Kay car by the end of the year!!! It will be a brand new Pontiac G6 in platinum. And also I'll be taking over the bills by then too!! I'll post some pictures of our adventures this summer and I'm going to make it a goal to post something every week even if it is a short hi we are still around. Have an awesome day!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Soaking up the Sun!!!

So the kids finally were able to enjoy the awesome weather that we have had over the last few days. While they were playing in the water I got some cute pictures and also got some sun which helped out my white legs and farmer tan arms.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It is suppose to be summer isn't it?

Hey, well as I look outside today and see all the clouds and the wind blowing through the trees it makes me a little depressed. I have been looking so forward to the summer, especially that means sending my kids outside!! But lately we have had weather in which we have all suffered with staying inside. But to get off that note. Everything is going great here. We are now in the process of hopefully finding a place of our own which will be nice to be under our own roof again. We really appreciate my parents for letting us stay with them. We will be renting at first for awhile and we are looking anywhere between Firth and Idaho Falls so if anyone knows any great places let us know. Mary Kay is doing awesome!!! I have gained a self-confidence and the money is a great bonus. I have met some many wonderful women that I'm grateful to say are my friends.
Since the last time I posted we went to Yellowstone National Park with the kids and had a great time. We stayed in Island Park and then just took one full day to drive around the park. The kids loved that they were able to be free in the back of the suburban and look from window to window at all the animals. For Dustin and me it was just fun to watch their reaction to all the sites that they were seeing. I will have pictures posted soon. As for now TTFN.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I really need to get better at this!!!

So I really have good intentions on writing on this blog at least every week but as you can see I have had some difficulties. Everything is pretty much the same in the our neck of the woods. Dustin is working, I'm watching kids and running my Mary Kay business, and well the kids they run us! Dani just turned one on April 6th and she was walking a couple of days before that. Now she is into everything and she can say please (in sign language). It has been pretty cool. My brother and his wife have been teaching their daughter sign language like please, thank you more, milk, and sorry. It makes it a lot easier to communicate with the little kids. As for Paige and Kody they are just normal very active kids. It has been really nice when the weather is good that I'm able to send them outside that they can use up some of their energy but it has never ran out.

Other than that we have been enjoying life and are planning on going on several road trips this summer. We start on Friday when we head to Logan and off to see one of my former roommates and good friend Ellen. The on the 14 we are headed down to Provo to see Chad off as he enters the MTC he is heading for Ventura, California. While we are down there we figured that we would take the kids to Hogle Zoo. That is what I'm excited about. That is just a few things that are going on and I will do better with keeping this blog updated. For TTFN.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Well I did it!!

Happy Easter!!
I hope everyone had a good Easter. We did. The kids were really excited since this was really the first time that we had done the easter bunny deal. Saturday Paige and Kody particpated in the easter egg hunt in Firth. Paige came away with 6 eggs that she got all by her self ( she came back and said that she beat all the girls and boys to get them) Paige was very proud. Kody got 2, however he had a disadvantage, Chad (my brother) had him in the next group up so most of the kids were 3-4 years older than him. But we still had fun. The kids got to color eggs which was a mess good thing we had newspaper under everything. Then Sunday came the girls wore their new dresses (Paige had green & Dani had purple) and Kody wore is new shirt. After church we came home and dinner with everyone and played games until it got dark and it was bedtime.

Hey everyone. Well I did it. I said I wouldn't put I did. I started my Mary Kay business and I'm loving it!!! Dustin is even happy with what I have accomplished so that even makes it better. I've only been in for a week but things are going really well. I've meant my goal and striving to do more. They have come out with new products that are AWESOME!!!! The best thing is now I can make some extra cash that I can play around with and help out with bills. And doing all this around my time so I can be with the kids. If anyone would like to check out the products the my website is and just a little side note if anyone orders $40 or more you get a miniature Microdermabrasion Set. Let me tell you it works great or if you have any questions email me.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Long time, of not writing

So it has been awhile since I have written anything on this blog. If I remember right it was November. Well a quick update of what has been happening. On November 16th Paige turned 4 years old which really makes me feel old. She had a great birthday and go lots of stuff. I started to work for my mom during November and December to help out with the books, which also helped out for Christmas. We had a wonderful, white Christmas. It has been awhile since we have had one and it was great!!! Around that time we decided that we were going to sell our house. So on the 3rd of January, we put our house on the market and on the 5th we moved in to with my parents. We figured that it would be easier to sell the house with out 3 kids running around crazy. Well, with less than a month on the market. We can consider our house sold!!! YEAH!!!! We sign on the 22nd of this month. The next objective is to find a place that we like that is within our price range. So we will see how long that takes.

Also some more exciting news, is that we get to go to Island Park this weekend. We haven't been all winter so we are pumped to go. Paige and Kody can't wait either all they talk about is going sledding and playing in the snow. The rest of my family will be coming also, so it will be fun to play games and just hang out for a few days.

Anyways enough of me going on and on. All I can say is that we have been blessed in the past few months and we are very grateful for those blessings. Some of those blessing is have great friends that have been there to talk to and laugh with. To them Thank You!!

Here are some pictures that we had taken right before Christmas. Lots have changed since then Dani is crawling and almost walking. Kody is pretty much the same with is grin and eyes that get everyone. Paige is getting bigger and smarter as she grows, I have decieded that she is going to be a supermodel when she gets older. She can pose and hold a straight face. I have lost about 10 pounds and trying to lose more. Dustin is still Dustin a kid at heart!!

I had to add this one of Dani, I thought it was pretty cute.