Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Fun!!!

Well, halloween has come and gone and all I have to say is thank goodness. The only problem with that is Christmas is right around the corner. This year for Halloween we went all out. We carved pumpkins, decorated our house, and got dressed up and end up with toooooo much candy. Other than that our life has been actually somewhat slow. (Imagine that, 3 kids and life being slow) Dustin has just been working about 70 hour weeks. It makes a nice paycheck, but he is go a lot and comes home exhausted. As for the kids and I, we have been trying to keep busy. We have been getting the yard ready for the winter by raking leaves, picking up tree branches that have fallen, and putting away summer toys until next year. The weather has actually been quite good this last week so we have gotten a lot done. As for the trick or treating that went on last night, we first went to Idaho Falls and stood in line for almost an hour at the trick or treat street before we even able to get in (which we will not be doing again, total waste of time) after that we went to my parents house to rest for awhile and then we attacked the trunk or treat that their ward was having. And that is where all the candy came from. Paige did really good with going up and saying trick or treat, Kody on the other hand was just holding his bag out with a face that was saying give me that candy. However, when it came to anyone with a scary mask on Kody wouldn't go near them. Dani, well she was just there to be cute bunny that growled at everything and one. It was really funny. After the kids got their candy we all went back to my parents house and had homemade pizza. We had a great time, but we were also excited to come home and go to bed!! The only problem is that we have all this candy in our house, the kids wanting it all right now, and me trying to keep off the sweets has been a task. Anyways we had a blast and hope that everyone else did too!!

Paige and Kody playing in the leaves as I was trying to rake them up in piles. At first they were great help with putting the leaves in bags, then of course they got bored and started to jump in them and throw the leaves everywhere. So much for raking the leaves in a pile.

Our Halloween adventure. Paige and Kody were helping Dustin clean out the pumpkins. Paige had to be miss independent and do it all by herself. Kody touched it once and really didn't do much more except to watch.

Our little trick or treaters. Paige as a witch(a bad one if you ask her and she flies on a broom), Dani as a little bunny rabbit, and Kody as a spider. And also the pumpkins that we carved.