Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Well I did it!!

Happy Easter!!
I hope everyone had a good Easter. We did. The kids were really excited since this was really the first time that we had done the easter bunny deal. Saturday Paige and Kody particpated in the easter egg hunt in Firth. Paige came away with 6 eggs that she got all by her self ( she came back and said that she beat all the girls and boys to get them) Paige was very proud. Kody got 2, however he had a disadvantage, Chad (my brother) had him in the next group up so most of the kids were 3-4 years older than him. But we still had fun. The kids got to color eggs which was a mess good thing we had newspaper under everything. Then Sunday came the girls wore their new dresses (Paige had green & Dani had purple) and Kody wore is new shirt. After church we came home and dinner with everyone and played games until it got dark and it was bedtime.

Hey everyone. Well I did it. I said I wouldn't put I did. I started my Mary Kay business and I'm loving it!!! Dustin is even happy with what I have accomplished so that even makes it better. I've only been in for a week but things are going really well. I've meant my goal and striving to do more. They have come out with new products that are AWESOME!!!! The best thing is now I can make some extra cash that I can play around with and help out with bills. And doing all this around my time so I can be with the kids. If anyone would like to check out the products the my website is www.marykay.com/brobinson2461 and just a little side note if anyone orders $40 or more you get a miniature Microdermabrasion Set. Let me tell you it works great or if you have any questions email me.