Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Up and Running

Hey everyone!!! I know it has been forever once again. But I'm back. We have been busy lately but it has been a blast!!! Paige is finishing up dance for this year. She has become a good little dancer and loves every moment of it. Her last performances are May 19th @ 6 @ the Civic in Idaho Falls and then on the 21st @ 7:30 at Hillcrest High School. Anyone is welcome to come and watch. I'm sooooo impressed with Infinity Dance Studio!! Paige is also finishing up with Kindergarten. I think she is ready to be done with school, but she will miss it too.

Kody and Dani are busy at home with me. They keep me on my toes constantly. Kody has been learning lots, he is writing is name and knows his colors and numbers. He can't wait to go to Preschool next year and in some ways neither can I :) Dani is just a sponge. She is growing up way too fast. She loves to play pretend and sing.

Dustin is busy working as normal, his hours are picking up so that is always nice. Right now he is looking foward to the first part of June and the end of July. We get to go to Yellowstone and Lagoon on those days and he is really excited!!!

As for me, I've started doing the 5ks again. I know crazy me, but I'm actually enjoying them. I'm also busy running my Mary Kay business and enjoying it also. I love meeting new people and making their day with a facial or a spa treatment. It just makes me feel good that they feel good. And it has been really nice cause I've been able to work when I want to so I can still spend time with my family!!!

Well I will quit talking but my goal for the rest of the month is to at least post once a week. Here are some pictures of what we have been up to lately :)