Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I really need to get better at this!!!

So I really have good intentions on writing on this blog at least every week but as you can see I have had some difficulties. Everything is pretty much the same in the our neck of the woods. Dustin is working, I'm watching kids and running my Mary Kay business, and well the kids they run us! Dani just turned one on April 6th and she was walking a couple of days before that. Now she is into everything and she can say please (in sign language). It has been pretty cool. My brother and his wife have been teaching their daughter sign language like please, thank you more, milk, and sorry. It makes it a lot easier to communicate with the little kids. As for Paige and Kody they are just normal very active kids. It has been really nice when the weather is good that I'm able to send them outside that they can use up some of their energy but it has never ran out.

Other than that we have been enjoying life and are planning on going on several road trips this summer. We start on Friday when we head to Logan and off to see one of my former roommates and good friend Ellen. The on the 14 we are headed down to Provo to see Chad off as he enters the MTC he is heading for Ventura, California. While we are down there we figured that we would take the kids to Hogle Zoo. That is what I'm excited about. That is just a few things that are going on and I will do better with keeping this blog updated. For TTFN.